The Crew

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Ossie von Richthofen
Director / Producer


Roland Emmerich
Executive Producer



Nathalie Puerzer
Editor / Associate Producer

“Working with Ossie was like a traineeship to become bravehearted, to strengthen your mind and to liberate your ideas without forgetting the world claims to be seduced. "


Gernot Aschoff
DoP / Associate Producer / Co-Director "Catch Congolais"

"If you´re afraid of the Black Heart in Africa, you better stay in Europe."

Gernot ist a Director and DOP who is loving the challenge. Mostly he´s shooting TV commercials and documentaries. Preferred on the African continent.


Thomas Harbers
Colors / Associate Producer



Jens Langbein
Music / Music Supervisor

"This work was like a long and fulfilling crescendo - and a great pleasure, thanks Ossie!"

Jens Langbein lives in Hamburg, Germany and writes Music for Film and TV since a lot of years



David Schoch
Music / Music Supervisor

David Schoch composes for Film since 2001 and works as well as songwriter in Munich, Germany